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15 Camms Road
Cranbourne, Victoria
(03) 5996 3425

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Kaya Harris Folio


Little Huntsman Spider for Taylor.

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Australian Blue Banded bee


Back from the dead and Sydney. Who would like a tattoo?

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Heyo! I'm taking a little break!
I'm going to be seeing @mychemicalromance
again tomorrow night; I'm leaving for Sydney today and will be back in town for @knotfestau
I will not be back to work until the 27/3.
Here's a little MCR repost to keep you warm while I'm away.
Thanks for your patience, see you in the pit.


Ade due


Day of the dead Kitty!
Thanks, Penni


Bit of progress for Ty's back.


Bobtail Squidy


Sweet little elephant.
Currently booking May! Please email to make an appointment. Thank you!

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Age: 31

Position: Full time Tattooist

How long have you been tattooing for? 12yrs

Interests outside of tattooing? Drawing, painting, reading, running

Favorite style of Tattoos/art: Surreal art, anime/cartoon. I enjoy doing unique custom designs that haven’t been seen before.

Colour or Black & white: Black and white

Favorite body part to tattoo: Lower leg.

Who are your inspirations: Salvador Dali, Tim Burton, James Jean and Alex Pardee.